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Bob Fritze School of Real Estate
1501 Ridgewood Ave., Suite 101, Holly Hill,FL 32117

Bob Fritze has been teaching in the Daytona Beach Florida area for over 20 years. Bob can make difficult subjects fun and easy to learn. Our school offers Pre and Post Licensing for both the Sales Associate Real Estate License and Broker's Real Estate License.

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We have two instructors licensed with the school:
Robert A. Fritze
Leila D. Gosney


THE DIVISION OF REAL ESTATE: Florida Statutes require that real estate sales associates and brokers complete courses that have been approved by the Division of Real Estate prior to sitting for state exams. The Bob Fritze School of Real Estate is approved by the DRE permit #ZH1000536.

SALES ASSOCIATE PRE AND POST LICENSING: Florida Statutes require that individuals complete 63 hour Pre licensing course prior to sitting for the State sales associates exam.

After successfully passing the State Sales Associate Pre Licensing exam, within the first licensing period, which is approximately 2 years, each licensee must complete a 45-hour post-licensing course to continue to be licensed. Our school is approved to teach both the Pre and Post licensing courses by the DBPR, DRE. Pre Lic FREC Course I, number 0009099. Post Lic course number 0009101.

Effective July 1st, 2008, the 12-month experience requirement during the
preceding five years was changed to 24 months.

BROKER PRE AND POST LICENSING: Florida statutes require that individuals seeking a Broker's license first must have completed all requirements for a Sales Associate Pre and Post license courses, must have been licensed actively with a broker for at 24 months in order to take the Broker Pre Lic State Exam.

In order to take the State Broker exam Licensees must have been in an active status working for a Broker for at least 24 months in the previous five years, complete 72 hours of Broker Pre License education FREC Course II, prior to sitting for the state broker's exam. The Bob Fritze School of Real Estate is approved to teach the Broker Pre License Course by the DBPR, DRE Course # 0009100.

Following the successful passing of the Broker's State exam and within the first licensing period as a broker, which is approximately two years, must complete 60 hours of Broker Post Licensing education courses to continue to be licensed as a broker.

AFTER COMPLETION OF THE POST LICENSING COURSES for the Sales Associate and Broker: In each following licensing period, every license must complete at least 14 hours of continuing education prior to renewal for each licensing period, which is approximately two years.

After the initial licensing period, you have a choice of either home correspondence course with exam, you must receive a grade of at least 80 to pass OR you may take live Continuing Education instruction with NO EXAM. 3 of the 14 hours must be Core Law and at least 11 hours of Specialty Course credit to complete the State requirement.

The National Association of REALTORS now requires 3 hours of Professional Standards every four years to renew membership in the REALTOR organization. New members must also sit through approved 3 hours Professional Standards Course.

NOTE: Each student must be fingerprinted electronically, send in a state application and be approved in order to take the state test. We recommend that you do this ahead of time because it usually takes four to six weeks to be approved. You DO NOT have to be approved by the state to take the school course.

Location: All classes held at:
1501 Ridgewood Ave., Suite 101, Holly Hill, FL 321177

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