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School Policies

  1. Recording devices are not permitted in any of the classroom sessions. Cell phones should be off or on silent mode. Texting during class is a distraction to the instructor and other students.

  2. The instructor will give the students regular class breaks where smoking will be permitted outside the classroom in a designated area.

  3. No student may miss more than eight (8) classroom hours of any required licensing course. If a student misses more than 8 classroom hours, he or she will be deleted from the course roster or arrangements must be made with the Administrator to re-enroll in the next class with a $50.00 re-entry fee.

  4. Disruptions and verbal controversies or debates about the material presented in the course will not be tolerated by the instructor and is cause for immediate dismissal of the student from class, with no reentry or refund.

  5. According to Florida Statute 475, no student may be guaranteed passing of his or her respective examination.

  6. NO refund will be granted should a student fail the examination.

  7. In the event of a hurricane warning issued by the weather service, please contact school for any change of schedule. Every attempt will be made to contact you in a timely manner regarding class cancellations and make-up dates. Bob Fritze School of Real Estate reserves the right to cancel a class session due to unforeseen circumstances.

  8. IMPORTANT NOTE: A $35.00 service change will be charged for any NSF returned checks. No refunds will be issued once class begins.

  9. YOU MUST TAKE YOUR TEST ON THE TEST DATE. Only a medical excuse will be accepted for not taking the test on the test date.

  10. To access licensing procedures, log onto MyFloridaLicense.com

  11. Course completion slips will be emailed within 2 business days after the end of class.

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